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WHAT: CHINA’S 24 SOLAR FESTIVALS by Dominic Johnson-Hill

WHEN: FEB 10, Sat., 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

WHERE: Crossboundaries at #4 N. Gongti Road, Bldg 10, Sanlitun tel: 6401 2553 (between 1949 and Bookworm; go up the red brick steps just above Homeplate). (detailed map and directions below)

HOW MUCH: RASBJ members RMB 40, others (including guests of members) RMB 80 -- advance payment required. All walk-ins on Feb. 6, including members, pay RMB 100 so long as space is available. Apologies if the event becomes fully booked.

NOTE: RASBJ members have priority for reserving 2 places until the end of Monday, Feb. 5. All requested reservations will be handled in order of receipt of your email.  Successful applications will be notified, with details of payment which is required in advance.

RSVP: email communications.ras.bj@gmail.com and write “Festivals” in subject header.

 ABOUT THE EVENT:  Dominic Johnson-Hill is engaged on an epic adventure, hosting a Xinhua television program which explains the traditional Chinese 24 solar terms. About 3000 years ago the Chinese mapped the movements of the sun to create the 24 solar terms which guide farming activities and reflect shifts in climate, agricultural production and other aspects of rural life. Dominic is visiting 24 sites around China -- from the far north to the mountains of Guangxi to the deserts of the Northwest -- exploring how these terms remain ingrained in Chinese culture and history. He’ll share stories and pictures showing how the 24 solar terms are celebrated in today’s China.

ABOUT  THE  SPEAKER  Dominic Johnson-Hill has : lived in China since 1993 and is the creative director and founder of Beijing Creative Brand Plastered 8, as well as a TV personality and presenter of Fox TV shows “Vintage Hunter” and “The Seasons of China”.

ABOUT CROSSBOUNDARIES: Crossboundaries is an architecture and design studio providing unique solutions deriving from local cultural knowledge and transnational expertise.


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