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Join us Sunday February 24th at Tsinghua University Art Museum for a private tour of the exhibition “Vision and Reflection“, selected  from  Stephan Loewentheil’s collection of 15,000  19th century photographs of China. Stephan Loewentheil himself and Stacey Lambrow, the curator of the collection, will introduce the exhibition, guide us,  and answer questions.

This historical exhibition presents 120 rare masterpieces created in China in the 19th century. These works of art have never been exhibited before in Beijing. Made by Chinese and international photographers, the selection of photographs includes great works by acknowledged masters of the period, as well as unexpected gems by anonymous photographers and lesser-known figures. Highlights include the earliest photographs of Beijing, rare magnificent views of Fuzhou and the Min River, majestic landscapes by Tung Hing Studio, and important early portraits of the diverse people of the late Qing Dynasty.

 The exhibition is not only a unique visual record of China, but also an   insight into the perspectives of the photographers, such as Felix Beato and Thomas Child. More background is available at:  www.artmuseum.tsinghua.edu.cn/en/cpsj_english/zlxx/zzzl/lszl/201812/t20181201_3538.shtml.

WHAT: Tour of the Loewentheil collection of 19th century photographs of China at the Tsinghua University Art Museum

WHEN: Sunday Feb. 24, starting 1.00 PM. Please arrive at the Museum ticket office by 12.45 PM. The tour and discussion will last 1 ½  hours .

WHERE: Tsinghua University Art Museum, TK ADDRESS AND PHONE, 10 minutes walk north of Wudaokou subway.

HOW MUCH: RMB 100 for RASBJ members, non-members RMB 150

 RSVPcommunications.ras.bj@gmail.com, with header “Loewentheil Tsinghua”, giving all applicants’ names and at least one relevant mobile number. You’ll receive confirmation of your place and payment details no later than Wednesday, Feb 20th. Numbers will be limited; RASBJ members have priority.


    Stephan Loewentheil has been a collector and dealer of rare books, manuscripts, and photographs for more than thirty-five years. He has helped to build some of the world's great collections and counts many leading private collectors and institutions, such as the White House and the Library of Congress, among his clients.  His collection of 15,000 photographs of China, the most important in the world, was assembled over more than three decades.

     Stacey Lambrow is the curator of the Loewentheil China Photography Collection. She has studied the historical photography of China in the Loewentheil Collection for ten years, and during that time has made many important discoveries in the field. Stacey is particularly interested in studying the earliest photographs of Beijing, Shanghai, and Fuzhou.

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