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Isabel Crook, Gail Hershatter and Emily Honig on PROSPERITY'S PREDICAMENT

17 Dec 2013 Tuesday 7.30 pm: Prosperity’s Predicament 
An evening with Isabel Crook, Gail Hershatter and Emily Honig in association with The Bookworm

Isabel Crook’s book, Prosperity’s Predicament: Identity, Reform, and Resistance in Rural Wartime China is a classic in the annals of village studies. Built on extraordinarily intimate and detailed research in a Sichuan village that she began in 1940, the book provides an unprecedented history of Chinese rural life during the war with Japan. It is an essential resource for all scholars of contemporary China.


Prosperity’s Predicament will be widely read and debated for what it reveals about China's rural dynamics as well as the nature of state power, markets, the military, social relations, and religion. 


Isabel Brown Crook is professor emerita at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Gail Hershatter and Emily Honig are both professors of history at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Venue:  Bookworm, Courtyard 4, Nan Sanlitun Lu, Sanlitun, 三里屯南街4号院

Tickets: 50 RMB (40 RMB for members) Available at the door or advance pick-up at The Bookworm.

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