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Forbidden City Secrets - members only event

17 Dec 2013 Tuesday 2.00-5:00 pm: Forbidden City Secrets
members only event

For members who regret that Beijing's Forbidden City is a most evocative architectural treasure with the most boring regular tours--an opportunity to join our special Tuesday 17 December Forbidden City afternoon walk co-sponsored with Beijing Postcards. Invitations are for members only and reservations are on a 'first come, first served' basis since group size is limited. Please RSVP to enquiries.ras.bj@gmail.com  and INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER – YOU WILL GET CONFIRMATION BY TEXT MESSAGE OR EMAIL.

WHEN: Tuesday 17 December from 2:00 pm to approx. 5:00 pm

WHERE: The Forbidden City's Wu Men (details/updates will be sent to those with confirmed slots)

HOW MUCH:  RMB 200/person will be collected before the walk begins. This includes all entrance fees plus -- for those who have time -- a glass of fizz atop Coal Hill at the end of the walk, courtesy of Beijing Postcards . 

RSVP: enquiries.ras.bj@gmail.com

NOTES: INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER IN YOUR RSVP. If you get lost phone Lars at 1561 145 3992. Dress warmly and be prepared a fair bit of walking.


Lars Ulrik Thom of Beijing Postcards and the RASBJ will take you on the ultimate tour of the purple Forbidden City from the magnificent Tian'anmen Gate with Mao’s iconic portrait to the top of Coal Hill looking back down on the world’s largest palace so full of hidden stories that it would take a lifetime to know them all.

Do you know why Chinese parents of newborn children travel from far away regions to stand on the Tian'anmen Gate? What was everyday life really like for an emperor, his empress, numerous concubines and thousands of eunuchs? Where are the toilets and kitchens? How did you become a eunuch and why did the younger eunuchs have an extra layer of leather on their buttocks? Why did the concubines of the Jiajing emperor try to strangle him? Was the Dragon Lady, Empress Dowager Cixi, really so evil? What was the real reason why the boy emperor Puyi became impotent? Stories of pretty tiny lily feet, stunning fragrant concubines and jealous empresses, lonely emperors and opium fumes, sneaky and corrupt eunuchs….all this and much much more, all set in the most splendid piece of architecture right in the middle of Beijing.


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