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A Bridge between China and the Rest of the World


Feb. 23, Tuesday: Panel on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Convergence with Western Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Roots, Philosophy and Science, and Convergence with Western Medicine

Discussion hosted by the World Health Organisation in co-operation with the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, University College London, and the Royal Asiatic Society, Beijing

Date: Tuesday February 23 2016, 18.45-21.00 PM

Venue: World Health Organisation, China Office Room 401, 23 Dongzhimen Outer St, Chaoyang, Beijing, China, 100600 北京市朝阳区东直门外大街23号东外外交办公楼401 Phone: 6532 7189 www.wpro.who.int/china

Language: English.

Cost: no charge

RSVP: scholarship.ras.bj@gmail.com


What is TCM and where how does it compare with Western medical traditions? This event aims to provide some insight into traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice, its roots, its philosophy and its science, with two main purposes. First we’ll introduce the respective philosophical systems and principles that underpin Chinese and Western medicine, providing an accessible introduction to some of the key ideas of TCM. Second, we’ll identify areas of divergence between Chinese and Western medicine, and highlight contemporary and possible future areas of convergence. Recently the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) established a formal relationship with the WHO, and this discussion is intended to increase recognition of TCM and reduce 'uninformed scepticism’, particularly of TCM’s holistic approach. The discussion will focus on mutual exchange and communication between Western and Traditional Medicine practitioners and academics, and also between interested individuals from outside the professional realm of medicine.


Dr Bernhard Schwartländer has been WHO Representative in China since 1 September 2013. Before joining WHO in China, he served as Director for Evidence, Policy and Innovation at UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva and as the United Nations Country Coordinator on AIDS in Beijing, China. Prior to these assignments, Dr Schwartländer held a number of senior international positions including as the Director for Performance Evaluation and Policy at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Director of the World Health Organization’s HIV Department, and Director of Evaluation and Strategic Information at UNAIDS. Dr Schwartländer is a medical doctor and holds a doctorate in medical epidemiology. He received his education and professional training in Germany and the US at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Prof. ZOU Jianhua, is the Director of the academic exchange department of WFCMS, and is the former Director of the International Cooperation Department, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. She has been actively involved in building up official relationships between non-government organizations (NGO’s) and the WHO, and also in research into the evaluation and management of TCM scientific and technological achievements using evidence-based medicine methods.

Dr Jing Wang, MD/PhD, attending physician, Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, was born into a family of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. During her PhD program she spent two years at Yale Medical School for cancer research and clinical experience. Her current interest is in applying integrated Chinese and Western medicine to prevent and treat cancer.

Dr Vivienne Lo, convenor of the University College of London (UCL) China Centre for Health and Humanity, has been teaching the History of Asian Medicine and Classical Chinese medicine at BSc and MA level in UCL since 2002. Vivienne's own research concerns the social and cultural origins of acupuncture and therapeutic exercise. She translates and analyses manuscript material from Early and Medieval China and the transmission of scientific knowledge along the so-called Silk Roads through to the modern Chinese medical diaspora. Current projects also include the creation of an on-line database of early Chinese medical imagery, and a history of food and medicine in China.


18.45 – 18.55 Opening remarks from the chair, introducing the speakers and topic, and giving background on Western and Traditional Chinese medicine.

18.55 – 19.20 Presentation by Dr Vivienne Lo - 20 minutes, +5 minutes QA

19.20 – 19.45 Presentation by Dr Wang Jing - 20 minutes, +5 minutes QA

19.45 – 20.00 Presentation by Prof Zou Jianhua - 10 minutes+5 minutes QA

20.00 – 20.30 Open discussion including all participants

20.30 – 21.00 Food and drinks

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